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Top Home and Design Trends for 2023

We’ve already covered real estate market trends to expect in 2023, and now we’ve put together a guide to design and home trends to watch for in 2023. Read on to find out which home trends are expected to be popular in the upcoming year.

Real Estate Market Trends to Expect in 2023

Natural Materials 

With people feeling an increased desire to connect with the natural world, 2023 will see a large focus on sustainability. Homeowners are placing a stronger focus on concerns such as, “where was this made”, “what materials were used to make this?”, and “how was this item made?”. Expect to see a preference for locally made fixtures, and furniture produced from natural materials rather than acrylic or plastic.

Homeowners are expected to opt for local sustainable wood species. For Bayfield and the surrounding areas, common sustainable wood species include oak, pine, and maple. We’ll also see an increase in the use of natural materials such as:


  • Organic fabrics
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Woven rugs and baskets
  • Naturally dyed items


Eco-Friendly Home Design

Along with a focus on natural design and sustainable materials, expect to see a strong preference for eco-friendly home design. From energy-efficient windows to zero-emission homes to solar panels, more homes will prioritize environmentally friendly design.

Repurposed Decor

Repurposed decor, antique pieces, and thrift store finds can save thousands of items from ending up in landfills every year. Whether it is for a dose of nostalgia or concern for the environment, an increasing number of homeowners are finding an appreciation for repurposed items and vintage pieces.

Expect to see repurposed pieces gain new life through creative upcycling, such as:


  • Dresser makeovers
  • Tray makeovers
  • Glassware projects
  • Lamp makeovers
  • Furniture makeovers
  • Coffee cans turned into planters
  • Wooden crates turned into hallway and entryway organizers
  • Window shutters turned into card or magazine organizers


Cozy Comfort

Homeowners are seeking comfortable spaces that offer stress relief and a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Considering our northern Wisconsin winters, we are definitely on board with this trend!

Expect to see calming touches such as handwoven rugs, upholstered headboards, natural wood, and indoor plants. To achieve a cozy interior, homeowners are expected to gravitate toward warm, serene paint shades, including forest green, rosy hues, earth tones, cream, beige, and soothing blues.

Bold, Colorful Kitchens 

 White kitchens will always offer a clean, timeless look, but an increasing number of homeowners are opting for bold kitchens that show off a dose of personality. Think dark-stained wood, contrasting tones, and splashes of bold color.

Home Offices

The pandemic tripled the number of individuals who work from home, so it’s no surprise that home offices continue to top the list of home trends. For individuals who work from home, we are seeing a strong preference for a designated home office.

Hobby and Wellness Spaces

As many people continue enjoying their passions and hobbies at home rather than going out, we’ll see a shift toward wellness spaces.

Expect to see a preference for homes with relaxing hobby and wellness spaces, such as art studios, libraries, home gyms, outdoor areas, spas, and craft rooms.

Native Plants and Sustainable Landscaping

In 2023, more homes are expected to prioritize natural, native landscapes that support local ecology. Many of our area homes already jumped on this trend years ago. If you drive through Bayfield or Washburn in the summer, you’ll notice city homes that feature yards filled with native plants in place of mowed grass.

Along with the beauty they add, native plants such as purple coneflower, milkweed, and butterfly weed support the local pollinator population and provide an important food source for insects, bats, birds, and small mammals. For instance, milkweeds provide a critical food source to Monarchs, an endangered species suffering from habitat loss.

For area residents looking to stock up on native plants or learn about local ecology, we highly recommend Hauser’s Superior View Farm in Bayfield. With an extensive selection of bare root perennials, native shrubs, and trees, Hauser’s is an excellent local resource for homeowners who want to create native landscapes.

Performance Materials

With pets, busy lifestyles, and small children, families are showing an increased interest in performance materials and indestructible fabrics.

Whether you often have muddy paw prints throughout your house, a couch that seems to be a magnet for red wine stains, or kids who prefer to color on anything but paper, it can be a challenge to create a space that is beautiful yet livable. Fortunately, a growing number of pieces, such as washable rugs, stain-resistant fabrics, and high-performance materials combine style with function.

Interiors With Personality

2023 is predicted to bring a shift from neutral, minimalist interiors that feel bland and impersonal to warm, inviting interiors. Expect to see personal touches throughout more homes, including a mix of new and old furnishings, family heirlooms, unique art pieces, and character-rich decor.

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